The Beauty of Dance


From Neo to Mikhail Baryshnikov, actors singings and even musicians have supplemented their crafts with dance. Dance is one of the most beautiful human expressions of life. And one of the saddest things is that so much ancient dance has been lost forever. While music and paintings and other forms of artistic expression has been preserved, civilizations the world over have lost countless generations of original dance.


Dance in Film and television has always been present. From the early days with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers to the seamanly mandatory dance of traditional Bollywood projects, audiences  world-wide have enjoyed and appreciated the singular art form of dance.  Today shows like Dancing with the Stars and So you think you can dance  have taken dance to the primetime television audience.


We at the 314 Fame dance office have two different issues that we focus on. The first is the exhibition of dance, we would like to see it done well and as often as possible. We also want to see dancers getting paid for their work. This means dancers that perform for hire and entertainment entrepreneurs who run dance schools, dance troupes and dance organizations that service others.


We also encourage the creation of entertaining Dance films like Rise and You Got Served as well as documentaries the capture and preserve the history of global dance. In films and television of any type, the inclusion of dance has rarely not benefited  the final production. Even bad dancing, such as was portrayed by Elaine, played by Juila Louis-Dryfus on Seinfeld. She was able to capture a style that lacked all style, a form that lacked all form and for every way that you can say that her character was a horrible dancer, she was very entertaining, and that is the essence the arts and entertainment world.


All forms of art and entertainment especially dance is subjective. What one person likes another won't, what one culture or age group embraces another one doesn't. As individuals we get to see arts and projects that include dance as subjectively as we like. As individuals we can love the grace of a ballet dancer and embrace the order of cheer-leading. There are no rules for what is acceptable, mainly because dance is a form of communication that can say almost anything, but in its most profound form it says, "I am free".


How we work for dance


So, how does the 314 Fame Dance office work with dance. First of all we encourage the use of dance in every form of media where it can be used. Secondly, the one of the most important things that we can do is to become a bridge between a talent and a paycheck . Often we find that these two are looking for each other and we simply need to make the connection for them.  We accomplish this by being a resource to both sides and connecting the most interested parties in the interest of commerce.


We can't forget that show business is business and the business of show business involves the creation of platforms, the delivering of product and the sale of merchandise like any other business. Most artistic people are introverted and the hardest thing for many artist is the commercializing of their art. How does art get converted to cash so that an artist can make a living. In this case we are looking at dancers, and dancers make their living by getting paid to dance and by teaching or choreographing for others. There are a few other ways, but for the most part we want to place dancers in front of photographers, painters, film makers, television producers and music video directors. These are a few of the ways that dancers can get paid for their craft.


Life Span of a Dancer.


The professional lifespan of a dancer can be short, I most often compare it to that of a NFL player without the money. Dancing can be highly impactful on the body, and wears hard on the human body. It takes an enormous amount of practice to be good and often a team, a troupe or a stage play if  a dancer wants to get noticed. Dance, for all of it's beauty is often used as an embellishment on another type of performance like singing, rapping or even magic.




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