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Its time to move your company or project a step ahead by putting the pieces in place for you to stand apart with the use of Digital marketing. Our job is to help you to understand the digital marketing landscape. With the current population changes both globally and domestically, we see that 10 to 100 million new Internet users come on line each quarter. This growth allows for new customers to all of the entities that are ready to take advantage of the new and starving customers.  Where there is competition, Search Engine Optimization is crucial, and where the competition is for a new market, being first in can make all of the difference.


In addition to the access to the new and existing digital platforms, paid digital media has become the foundation of advertising over the past twenty years. Paid digital is usually covered by advertising exchanges but is not limited to this platform. Email marketing , social media marketing and even advertising on streaming television and radio all fall into the category of digital marketing. The one thing that makes digital marketing so powerful is the fact that most digital marketing platforms can be supplemented by analytics.


The 314 Fame digital marketing office is an internal digital marketing agency that specializes in all of the marketing components needed to promote, market and to develop artist and entertainment entrepreneurs in the arts, music, stage plays, fashion, gaming, technology, sports entertainment and dance. Our team has decades of experience in all of these areas of the arts and entertainment spear.  We are able to develop a brand that for each client that can transcend their initial marketing profile by the engagement of the combination of SEO, email marketing social media campaigns, web site development, copyrighting and other forms of digital marketing.


Our approach has five major components :


1. Understanding the digital marketing landscape, the nature or the artist or client involved and the creation of a funnel of potential clients.


2. Assessing the budget and the scalability of our clients as well as the scalability of the opportunities produced through paid digital media.


3. Assessing the the opportunities provided by the sale of media, downloads, publishing, collaborations and the licensing of media and products.


4. The implementation of precise and integrated digital marketing plan.


5. Measuring and resetting of the plan needed to secure or exceed the primary objectives set by the client and team.



Most of our clients fall into two different categories:



1. New artist with some professional training who are on the forefront of launching their careers.


2. Established artist, players and entrepreneurs that need assistance on launching a second career or developing new projects.


Lastly, our scale and scope are global. We are able to work with in the bounds of any city or state. or working within the infrastructure, languages and laws of cities, states and regions within other countries.


Contact us for a free consultation regarding your projects or careers.

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