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For years Fashion has been at the top of considerations for the well dressed, the stylish and the fashionable, but fashion extends far beyond the personal considerations of color and style. Every television show, movie, sports team and even the military have regular fashion concerns in their decision making.


At the Fame fashion office our primary goal is help to develop the fashion industry in this St. Louis and Midwest market.  We can do this by both encouraging and supporting local fashion designers, clothing manufactures, photographers, vendors and models. We recognize that it takes the full integration of all of the components of the industry to build and make the local market successful.


While St. Louis has produced a number of successful models who have gone on to work for Vitoria Secrets and other famous lines. Our goal is to help create new generations of fashion stars. These new icons of the industry will include world class models and photographers, designers who are able to sell globally at the department store level and designers whose name will become iconic in the industry, like BEBE, Coach and Levy's. But, while not every designer can become the world famous names, they don't have to. On any giving day thousands of different brands and designers products are sold globally by the millions.


We want to help each of the people an entrepreneurs in the clothing and fashion designer supply chain to develop their business plans, their fan bases and their future buyers. What a lot of designers  don't do is work to develop their long term plans and manufacturing contacts, a real sales -platform and their ability to collaborate  across the industry.


In the achievement of these goals we are focusing on events that support the broadest use on the critical functions of the industry,  Right now that is Fashion Week. In the St. Louis market, Fashion is similar to other trades that seem to be hard to penetrate.  So, we strive to eliminate any barriers to entry and to develop each artist, designer and model that truly has the desire to succeed in the industry.  So, what does this look like? In the 2018 - 2019 seasons we are pulling together all of the elements of a real fashion industry. This means models that have been told that they are too short, photographers that really need to develop their photography portfolios and entertainment entrepreneurs that are working to produce real fashion shows for existing and new designers.


Lastly, we want to take designers to the next level. This level always includes the ability to simplify and scale both the company and manufacturing so that the per piece cost is feasible for broad national product sales to major department stores and international markets.  At this level we also look at celebrity endorsements and active competition between real competitors.  Also at this point in the companies life cycle, it is time to get into more strategic planning. The more simple operational issues like key personnel and square foot usage of office space should all be old hat. At this point, we are looking at supply chain optimization, product insurance, and tweaking out per item cost to save and to earn as many pennies per unit as possible, because it matters. We also start developing the internal corporate structure with issues and positions on corporate responsibility and how that internal culture reflects into the market and impacts the sales of the product.


If you are in the fashion industry at any point, developer, agent, artist, model, accessory designer, buyer or even a fragrance specialist, the 314Fame office is here to serve you and to assist you in your efforts in finding success in the fashion industry.



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