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Gaming today has no limits, on the development side the diversity of realism in the interaction and the technology that can literally take a video game off of the television into alternate realities with image mapping and graphic overlays allow for new a different individualized  experiences each time you play. There are technologies that almost read your minds by mapping the eye movements and by modification of how light touches the eye and influenced by the player. Direct lighting, SSS, 4G and 8K are all confusing if you're not a programmer hung up on the accuracy of imaging and the speed and manipulation of light in a virtual environment.


The Gaming Fame office is all bout the cutting edge of development and the marketing of new and creative products. We deal with production and product the edit video, edit audio and create electronic virtual environment that are as cutting edge as and Disney film. We also realize that after the manufacturing of the equipment, the development of the software and the platform that can bring the two together, some kids will go outside and play with sticks.


The ultra fast CPU's that we carry in our pockets, some call them smart phones, are the platforms of the future. Everything form social networking, digital marketing, business productivity, broadcast video and gaming are all available today. Any one with 3G or better connectivity can do all of the these things and more. Those of us who are Trekkies often look to these shows for new trends in technologies. The latest of these trends is the development of more and more virtual environments. These environments have gotten to the stage of education and exposition allowing an individual to see how a circuit connects at 2000 X or how wing is to be attached to a plane of how medical procedures can be performed without the need of microscopic glasses.


Our job is the promotion and development of products systems and technologies that allow for the creation of a better, safer and healthier environment through the creation and support of the development and use of these technologies in applications throughout our society. Recognizing this entrepreneurs can work with us to develop markets for their technologies.


We also see the many of these same technologies in the the arts and entertainment fields. The gaming side is somewhat obvious, but we see improved technologies in everything from digital audio creation and editing platforms. We see that new imaging technologies enhance the way that cameras are used in  the creation of films and at every step the  physical tools and their creation are becoming smarter and more affordable.  For the artist, the good news is that talent is still required. Although the creation of music can now be done by those who can't play an instrument and have never sung in tune, these artist can't compete when it comes to live performances and record companies are generally not interested in artist with no  craft.


At the 314 Fame office of Entertainment Technology it is imperative that we work with the manufacturers and vendors that supply everything from microphones to computer interfaces and software. Each year manufactures work to increase the quality and performance of their products. Some of these new technologies can be seen live at different conventions and shows like the NAMM. Also new companies get to promote and premiere their products so that consumers can see the differences in the same place.  These new products and their exposition is is important to have so that the consumer can judge if the product is better of worse than its competitor or it's predecessor. We are fortunate because we not only work with hundreds of brands in house, each of our associate production companies have their own preferences and experiences. Everyones experiences are different and act as a sounding boards from legitimate producers who actually use the equipment they have purchased every day.


Though this is a highly technical division, it is one of the benchmarks of our business. Everyone in the business of technology and or production spends tons of money getting set up,. then they spend tons of money moving toward a higher level of professionalism, then they spend again on tweaking their gear for new or bigger clients. Some of us never stop spending or learning new technologies.


As we push out new talents on every level and in every direction one of the latest and most interesting technologies is that of streaming. We all we introduced to streaming radio when Sirius Satellite  radio and XM radio came out over a decade ago. Now we are trending streaming television on its most famous platform of Netflix. The Global price tag for content to broadcast on the visual platform exceeds 30 Billion dollars a year.  This has everyone with a DSLR (Digital camera) a producer of sorts and working on their big idea.


Though our office, we get many producers and writers wanting to take advantage of these numbers so we help organize and put these technology driven ventures through their pace and prepare them to sell content globally.





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