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The difference between an agent and a manager in the arts and entertainment industry.


The primary difference between an artist agent and a manager is the work and responsibilities that they perform. If you are a student of 314 Fame, you have heard that we believe in both managers and agents. As your careers start to blossom and as an artist, you begin to move from an undiscovered talent to the mainstream you must start to engage in a support system. Before one engages a manager or an agent, it’s helpful to know why you need one and what they do.


The purpose of the manager / agent role is to support and supplement the artist as they focus on the development of their talents. When an artist really gets going the focus required can be all possessing. Imagine an international athlete in training for a medal in the Olympics. All of the sudden, going grocery shopping, handling legal notices or mailing Christmas cards can be nothing but distracting. A Managers job is not to focus on all of those small things, but to guarantee that there is someone there that does. The manager can be the big picture guy /gal they can be the one to help the artist plan their career and mark the steps that the artist needed to achieve those goals.


The agent is different from the manager in that they are role players. They are there to ensure that the details of the contract is what it should be. They are there to make sure that the mineral water that is on the artist rider is in the dressing room as directed. The Agent is there the Manager to build their brand and to work directly with the artist on those things that relate directly to their careers.


In a sporting situation, it would be the Agent that negotiates the players’ contract with the team and it would be the managers’ job to make sure that the players’ house is closed on properly and all of the relevant documents are secured in the safety deposit box. The agent is most likely to get fired first because they are simply a role player like the publicist or the hair stylist. The manager however, is most likely to be related or an old trusted friend that be truthful to and forgiven by an artist that might have the habit of being brutal, arrogant or a diva, earned or unearned.



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