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When we speak of pro audio we know that we are touching a sweet spot for many people. Our clients include major recording artist, world famous singers, rappers, concert pianist and voice artist. We also spend an enormous amount of time assisting professional audio engineers. To day the typical audio engineer could be the front of the house guy at the local major concert venue or the neophyte producer using a free download DAW and doesn't own a single microphone.  Today's audio engineers are really like any other category of artist, except that with the right song, the right producer, the right placement or record deal, one song can change your life.


At the 314 Fame Pro Audio office we not only can provide insight to which interface you might want to use for your specific clientele, but we can provide a degree of training on how to deal with record labels, how to negotiate a music video, or how to take a local act to the big time from anywhere in the country. If you run a small studio or if your facility is massive, you still need the same few things.


One, you need to be able to put out top quality product. You need to know how to generate new leads for your business in the market that you work in. You need to develop a rate card that is competitive but tailor made for your studio and abilities. And most importantly, you need to learn how to become a line item on huge projects that can pay you very well for the type of work you are already doing.


314 Fame Pro Audio is all about development and the creation of Fame. The business of music and professional recording is usually only the beginning of professional entertainment development. What we have found is that producers often have problems with split sheets, assignments of copyrights, and streaming contracts. There are different rules for broadcasting in the United States than there are in European markets. So, what we try to do, is to develop programs that allow independent producers to build their businesses in ways that can increase the quality if their project and increase the amount of income earned from their work.


So, if you are a new production house trying to get started or maybe a veteran producer that is looking to move to the next level, we can help you identify your niches and build a program that can push you towards your goals. As this business becomes more complicated and computerized, part of our objectives is to provide more simplified documentation and processes that can lead you to a more profitable.


These are areas of production that we can assist with:


Front of House sound design

Event Sound for mixed corporate and entertainment

Studio Recording

Mixing down Event sound

Audio Book sound design

Audio / video synchronization

background music in stores

Foreign recordings: lyric translation

TV/radio ads: new recordings

TV themes: new recordings

Home video use

Movie soundtrack

Radio / TV / web performance

Live rendition by concert act

Toy music box

Commercial or educational music publications

Streaming contracts

Assignment of copyrights

Music video broadcasting



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