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The realm of sports entertainment finds professional help at the 314Fame Sports Entertainment office.  Unlike novice artist, we recognize that success in sports entertainment is built upon the individual abilities of the athlete.


The sports entertainment office has two primary focuses: We work to provide the average consumer a global platform to view and be entertained by the untold number of professional football, baseball, soccer and other collegiate broadcast sports. We are doing this through  our own television Network  The other primary focus that we have  is the development of stars at collegiate and professional level. We assist all athletes with image building, mass communications and social media.


We assist athletes in the development and execution of their other business endeavors. If a player wants to open a restaurant, a new medical office or  is seeking an endorsement deal for a new or existing product, we can help.  We can assist with all of the professional business services with specialist in the field of interest.  We can provide attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, real-estate specialist and marketing providers to take whatever idea an athlete has through a process of feasibility and development, all the way through to viability and cash out.


In addition to assisting in technical business matters, we can also assist athletes in their efforts with their charities and sports camps, private events and parties. Many athletes are not prepared to retire form the game. They may have a savings and in some cases may still be in great amounts of debt from their playing days. We are able to assign an actual auditor to do an evaluation for current responsibilities and then work to develop a plan to relieve debt and build supportive cash flows for the future.


For select clients, we can provide a number of concierge services in most countries around the world.  Advance work or due diligence for corporate and real property considerations, document reviews for sponsorship, celebrity appearances or endorsement deals. The work we do in this area is not done by children, or staff and consultants have years of high-end professional work and experienced executives with international business experience.


The fame office is unique in that we treat each case as its own case-study. Each client can expect privacy and discretion as it pertains to their personal information. A typical client is vetted an an initial research package is developed to clearly evaluate their concerns and to develop a pitch page where a solution or series of solutions  can be targeted for feasibility.


Current players, athletes and even corporate executives find these services a great value, because our goal is your success, not our bottom line.



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